Exam DateSheet March 2021

BA 1st Sem March 2021

BCom 1st Sem March 2021

Master of Science (M.Sc.) 3rd sem exam (Full-Re-Improvement) March, 2021

Master of Commerce (M.Com) 3rd sem (Full-Re-Improvement) March, 2021

Master of Arts (M.A.) 3rd sem (Full-Re-Improvement) March, 2021

M.Sc. Computer Science 3rd sem (Full-Re-Improvement) & 4TH SEM (ONLY RE-APPEAR) March, 2021

B.Com (Pass & Vocational) 5th Sem

B.Com (Hons) 3rd & 5th Sem


B.Com (Pass & Vocational) 3rd Sem

BA 3rd Sem Pass & Vocational Course

BA 5th Sem Pass & Vocational Course

BCA 3rd and 5th Sem